Acrylic nail designs 2014

As you can see, nail art is getting more and more creative, so any new idea is more than well welcomed to become the part of rich gallery. Some girls prefer it natural, while the others rather decide to have some of the acrylic nail designs 2014. Find out even more related stories about the subject by visiting

Simplicity for everybody!

Acrylic Nail Designs 2014

The best is to start with some simple ideas for acrylic nail designs 2014, because many women need some solution, or to be more precise, design which will go well with their everyday, business or school style. So, you can decide to have some mid length nails, in some light shade, with some simple details. They usually choose to put some small tribal, or delicate flower, or some zircon on their ring fingers. French nail art is also very popular among acrylic nail designs 2014. These ideas are something that you can have no matter what your life style is, because you will always have nice and neat nails, which are not too striking.

How about some cartoons & co?

Admit it, you cannot resist them. All of us used to love them when we were kids, and we still do, so no reason for them not to become one of the most desired acrylic nail designs 2014. So, you can have your favorite cartoon characters, or video games characters. They will look so lovely on your fingernails, trust us. They can be drawn, and they are also available in stickers, so whatever you find more interesting, choose it to be the highlight of your style. Besides these, you can also have some small fruits, or small vegetables, even cupcakes, practically anything that comes to your mind, no matter how silly it may sound at the first place, can be your very own acrylic nail designs 2014.

Which shape is the one for you?

When you think about these lovely acrylic nail designs 2014, you must also think about the shape of your nails. The most practical solution is to have them rounded, for many reasons. First, it is the most practical shape, then it is the most natural one, and what is also very important, very feminine. On the other hand, some girls prefer to have them squared, which appears to be a bit problem, because it happens very often that they scrape themselves, or other people, or that the nail gets damaged. There’s also an extreme option, to have them spiky, almost like claws, but that really is just for posing, and nothing else. So, have this in mind, and then start looking for the acrylic nail designs 2014 you want!