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Holidays in Slovenia will make you feel relaxed and at home

holidays in Slovenia

Has anyone ever mentioned Slovenia to you? Have you heard of it? Slovenia, the unexplored green jewel of Southern Europe. Here you will find a few perfect reasons why booking holidays in Slovenia is the way to go this year and all the years to come.

Even though the country is quite small or maybe because of the same reason, Slovenia offers a wide variety of climates and experiences on a relatively small piece of land. Mountains and the seaside are an hour’s drive apart, which means you can enjoy an amazing mountain peak sunrise in the morning, feast on homemade cuisine for lunch and take a bath in the crystal clear ocean in the afternoon while have a blast at the capital in the centre of the country in the evening.

Holidays in Slovenia make you feel rejuvenated and full of energy. Even though the world is becoming more and more polluted, thanks to its forest, Slovenia is going more and more green. The air is getting cleaner and cleaner and the water is so clean, everyone drinks tap water.

holidays in Slovenia

Do you like to indulge in quality food and wine? Slovenia is also known as the land of the vineyards. Nearly every family has its own vineyard and makes their own vine. This means that when you decide to talk a walk among the vineyards you are bound to meet quite a few locals, each offering a taste of their own wine. Holidays in Slovenia have never been more fun!

What do you think of when you think of caves? Dark and musty caverns that no one likes to see? Then you would be wrong. Spending your holidays in Slovenia means that you get to see amazing and well taken care of caves full of diverse flora and fauna. The Postojna cave even has its own “human fish”!

Would you like to experience some culture during your holidays in Slovenia? No problem. Each city is quite proud of its history which means that throughout Slovenia you will find an abundance of museums and events in honor of some part of history.

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport

Searching for a comfortable ride to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport?

Everyone visiting our country by plane wil probably land on our biggest airport – Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport. If you are one of those people, you will also need a ride to your hotel, hostel or your friend’s apartment. Taxi airport Ljubljana offers you a comfortable, safe and reliable ride from airport to any wanted destination within our country. We will also pick you up and drive you back to the airport – any time you want. Our prices are fixed, which is a great advantage for every customer.

We all know some bad stereotypes around taxi services – unpunctual and unfriendly taxi drivers, who are always speeding and violating the traffic order. Some also tend to overprice their services, especially with foreign customers, who don’t know the country. Well, that is certainly not the case with our taxi drivers. All of our drivers are very friendly and will help you with the luggage. Every one of them can also offer you some tourist information, in case you need it. As already said, our prices are fixed and known in advance. That means we don’t charge any night rates, road tolls or luggage amounts.

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport

All you have to do, to get from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport to you destination, is to contact us via e-mail or our phone number. We are available all of the time – you can call us anytime, even if you need a last-minute ride. Of course it is great if you let us know at least one day before you departure. Our driver will pick you up at the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport, holding a card with your name, help you with luggage and drop you off anywhere you want. At the end of your stay, he will also wait for you at the agreed place and take you back to the airport.

How to make money while traveling?

how to make money while traveling

Many of us love to travel. We travel a lot and if it was possible, we would travel even more. But since traveling is not a cheap way to spend our free time, for the majority of people it is simply not possible to travel as much as we would want to. Many of us have been asking ourselves: how to make money while traveling? Is this even possible?

To solve this problem, there have appeared some ways to really make money while traveling. Nowadays people can work abroad, so they can travel and also earn some money during traveling. Some can also teach English or some other language in some countries of the third world. And there is one more way to make money – writing the articles.

how to make money while traveling

Writing articles about our journeys is really not so hard, since we always write about something that we ourselves went through. Those articles can be written in many ways, they can be meant just for fun or they can be written with an intention to tell the others as much different information about some place as possible. If you are more like a tourist guide type of person, you will definitely take the other chance – writing an article as you would write a tourist guide. But most people do not go for this option, they rather write more of a blog. By that I mean that they write about their feelings during the journey, about the positive and negative experiences they went through and also the costs they had. Those types of writings will probably be even more popular for the majority of people to read, since we all love to read about real life. Most of us prefer the real experiences over some professional writing about all the churches, museums and other, for most of us, boring things.

So how to make money while traveling?

Easy, write an article, send it to the right address, which will publish it on the internet and if your writing is good, if the article is interesting, they will publish it. The more people will read your article, the more will the person or institution who published your article, pay you for it. So to really make money you need to write a good article. An article which will attract a lot of attention – the more of it, the more you will get paid.

Island Krk Croatia

Krk Croatia

One of the biggest and most popular islands in Adriatic is definitely island Krk, Croatia. In the summer densely populated by an impressive variety of European tourists, makes it one of top summer holiday destinations. And how could it not – Krk offers a wide selection of different locations, which are all so very unique and different from one another. Few of my favourite places on the island are small towns called Vrbnik, Šilo, Baška and Glavotok, which are in my opinion true gems of the Island Krk. Croatia offers a lot of seaside holiday spots, but these unique towns make it a place like no other. Vrbnik is an old town, standing on a top of a hill overlooking the mainland with its bigger towns Rijeka and Crikvenica.

Krk Croatia

The town has an old church in the center and old stone-made buildings all around it, with beautiful, tiny streets, where you can also find the narrowest street in the world. Šilo is great because of two of my very dear beaches on the island Krk Croatia. One is called dogs’ beach, because you are allowed to bring your pets there and one is a beach right next to the remains of an antique roman villa, which is actually more cliffs rising above the sea, than an actual beach. But it is just indescribably beautiful to just relax on those cliffs and listen to the rough power of the waves after a summer storm and simply enjoy the scenery of island Krk. Croatia with its seaside is very famous also by its wine, olive oil and sheep cheese, where Krk is no exception. They make their own wine in Baška and Vrbnik and great cheese all over the island, since you can see sheep almost everywhere on the island. Baška is a very popular place amongst tourists because of its paradise, turquoise beach, which makes it look like you’re in tropics, no wonder it’s one of the most visited places on island Krk, Croatia.

And then there is Glavotok, which has an eco camping site with absolutely beautiful water, so blue, you cannot keep your eyes away. A really gorgeous place, I recommend for everyone to go see while on island Krk. Croatia is a definite must-go-to summer hot-spot, so if you plan on visiting, Krk is a must.