Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia

One of the most wonderful and famous sights in Slovenia, a gorgeous glacier lake Bled, surrounded by the nearby mountain chains and infused with crisp
fresh air, is a must see for everybody visiting Slovenia.

The lake Bled has a surface of 1,45 square kilometer, its maximum depth reaches up to 30,6m. Due to the thermal springs located on the north-east side of
lake, the water reaches up to a pleasant 23 degrees celsius in the summer.

The most recognisable symbol of lake Bled Slovenia is of course the Bled island with a lovely gothic church on it, that makes the whole lake with its perfect
natural scenery a real scenic sight. It takes 99 stairs to get from the boat up to the church, if you are there on a spring or summer Saturday, you are very likely
to witness a wedding, since the island is a very popular romantic location for the couples. Inside the church there is a wishing bell – shhh, don’t tell anyone, but it works!

Around Lake Bled there is a 6km long walking trail, which is great for walking, jogging, cycling and even roller skating. There are benches that offer you a rest and a perfect view of the lake all around. And let’s not forget the magnificent Bled castle, built in approximately 1011, rising up on the rocks above Lake Bled. Slovenia is a small country, but the fascinating places like Bled make it hugely popular among tourists. Lake Bled is also a popular place of training sessions for the rowers and the sup paddling lovers.

Lake Bled is home to various animal species, among which swans are one of the most noticeable with their magnificent looks.