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Island Krk Croatia

Krk Croatia

One of the biggest and most popular islands in Adriatic is definitely island Krk, Croatia. In the summer densely populated by an impressive variety of European tourists, makes it one of top summer holiday destinations. And how could it not – Krk offers a wide selection of different locations, which are all so very unique and different from one another. Few of my favourite places on the island are small towns called Vrbnik, Šilo, Baška and Glavotok, which are in my opinion true gems of the Island Krk. Croatia offers a lot of seaside holiday spots, but these unique towns make it a place like no other. Vrbnik is an old town, standing on a top of a hill overlooking the mainland with its bigger towns Rijeka and Crikvenica.

Krk Croatia

The town has an old church in the center and old stone-made buildings all around it, with beautiful, tiny streets, where you can also find the narrowest street in the world. Šilo is great because of two of my very dear beaches on the island Krk Croatia. One is called dogs’ beach, because you are allowed to bring your pets there and one is a beach right next to the remains of an antique roman villa, which is actually more cliffs rising above the sea, than an actual beach. But it is just indescribably beautiful to just relax on those cliffs and listen to the rough power of the waves after a summer storm and simply enjoy the scenery of island Krk. Croatia with its seaside is very famous also by its wine, olive oil and sheep cheese, where Krk is no exception. They make their own wine in Baška and Vrbnik and great cheese all over the island, since you can see sheep almost everywhere on the island. Baška is a very popular place amongst tourists because of its paradise, turquoise beach, which makes it look like you’re in tropics, no wonder it’s one of the most visited places on island Krk, Croatia.

And then there is Glavotok, which has an eco camping site with absolutely beautiful water, so blue, you cannot keep your eyes away. A really gorgeous place, I recommend for everyone to go see while on island Krk. Croatia is a definite must-go-to summer hot-spot, so if you plan on visiting, Krk is a must.