What is the average cost of wedding flowers

Average cost of wedding flowers

Wedding is one of the most important events in men’s life, but especially for women. Being a bride is a dream of all women around the world. Almost every woman loves to imagine how their special day will be, how they will look like in dress, how their prince charming will look like in a smoking, etc. There are a lot of details that need to be considered before getting married. One of the most important things that should be revised a lot of times is floral decoration including a bride’s bouquet.

If you want to decorate ambient with flowers, you should check for the average cost of wedding flowers. A lot of people think that a couple of small floral decorations would be enough. You need to decorate every single table if you want floral decoration to be elegant and stylish. Especially the decoration of the bride’s and groom’s table must be outstanding. Concerning all of this, you need to look up for the most suitable floral decoration regarding price and quality. You should look up then for the average cost of wedding flowers to be sure how much money you will spend on this (if the budget is restricted, even more).

Average cost of wedding flowers

What will be decorated with flowers?

If you can’t even imagine where the floral decoration will be put, let’s disguise this fact first. When talking about ordinary wedding, you decorate bridesmaids, church, buttonholes and cars. These are the most common. If you consider having decorations in the restaurant or your home, depending on where the lunch will take place, the average cost of wedding flowers will be higher.

The average cost of floral decorations

In the UK, the approximate cost for special day varies from £5,000 to £10,000. The percentage of average cost of wedding flowers is 10% of average cost for wedding day, depending on the budget. According to this, you must prepare for £500 to £1000 for only floral decorations. The bride’s bouquet costs £100 and the most expensive is a room decoration which price is around £400.*

What else can you do?

If this average cost of wedding flowers is too high for you, you might consider homemade flowers. It would be much cheaper, but you must ask for the right person to do it for you.