Popular celebrities 2014

popular celebrities 2014

People who are interested about the news of fashion and the news about celebrities they will like this article because here I am going to talk about so far the most popular celebrities 2014.

Why is popularity important to celebrities

Popularity among the celebrities is very important because popularity can make a normal beginner actor to a very famous celebrity and also popularity can make a struggling actor a very famous celebrity.

popular celebrities 2014

The names of the celebrities and reason of their popularity

Every year the names of the most popular celebrities are listed, but now as the year 2014 hasn’t ended I will let you know the name of those celebrities who are so far the most popular celebrities 2014. At first is the name of one of the popular celebrities 2014, Oprah Winfrey. And we all know that Oprah is popular because of her genuine interest in people and their lives, she has always creates such an environment where people can say everything about their lives and those people also know that she will not make fun of them and that’s what makes her popular. Another popular name among the music lovers and the popular celebrities 2014 is Lady Gaga. We all know that lady gaga is popular for her music, even if you hear her music for the first time it will be impressive, and her fashion sense is quite different from others and this is what makes her popular. Also the philanthropic activities of her are loved by people. Another name is Steven Spielberg, he is such a person who makes movie and has the ability to make the viewer get one idea in their mind and then twist and turn that idea into something else, and this ability of him makes him popular. Beyonce is another among most popular celebrities 2014, and she is such a person who doesn’t usually make a mistake at doing something. Her music has gathered herself as a lot of popularity and made her rich too at the same time. Madonna, another popular celebrity of 2014, her music and her craziness has always been liked by her fans and this craziness and her music has made her very popular. At a very young age, Taylor Swift has earn lot of popularity just by her songs and her music videos there are many people out there who loves her music.

Update of New names

These are the names of those people, who have got popularity in the year 2014, and as the year is ending there will be more names on these lists and it will be updated at the end of the year so till then you will have to keep waiting for those names.