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Do You Know How to Thin Your Hair?

Some people yearn for thick hair, while others really want to control the volume of their hair. Instead of struggling to tame the tresses thick and rebels, make all your hair easier to handle making it thinner. Thinning scissors designed especially for this purpose have teeth strategically placed to eliminate the amount of hair you want.

How To Thin Your Hair

Buy a pair of thinning shears. Visit a beauty salon to consult an expert and find a high-end package, please order online or find a cheaper pair at a discount department store. Expect to spend between U.S. $ 30 and U.S. $ 125 for a quality thinning shears. Determine which type of thinning shears is suitable for your hair. Select a package with two rows of teeth if you want to remove a lot of hair or choose a couple to remove a large amount with fewer teeth and wider, if you have hair or have extremely thick curly locks. Check the tag number, such as “15% removal”, which indicates the amount of hair that is cut by cutting the leaves.

Comb your whole hair until smooth. Take a small section of hair in your hand, no more than several inches wide, on one side of your head. Place the scissors at a distance of between a third and a half away from the scalp to the ends. Open scissors and lock of hair on. Place the scissors at an angle of 45 degrees and close them to make a single cut. Open the scissors and remove them from the hair. Comb the hair section to remove cut. Keep moving around the head in the same direction, cutting and combing into similar sized sections of hair. Repeat once, circling around the head, if it is absolutely necessary to thin it more. Change the vertical position of the cuts to be different to the above to avoid an uneven appearance. Repeat a third time if your hair is especially curly again changing the vertical position.